Welcome to Dannisserv!

IP Address: danniss.serv.gs


Dannisserv is a economic server. You can come on and play with your friends and meet new players!

Below are what we have on Dannisserv and small descriptions underneath..


We call PlotMe, Creative World. On creative world you can claim a plot and build whatever you want in creative! You can also go to other players plots and see their creations!

Island World

Island World is a world with a void, and you are on your own small island. You have to survive and try not to fall off! Other players can knock you off the edge so be careful! You start off with a chest of items that has been generated by the plugin. Other can give you permission to build at their land aswell!


You warp to the Wild then from there you type a command that will be shown on a hologram, or you click the hologram you will then be teleported somewhere random in the world and if you don't like where you have been teleported then you can use the command to teleport to somewhere else. That is where you can build your home or whatever you want to do.